Features of the booking calendar

Show multiple months
Show up to 24 months of your calendar!

Change the start day of the week
Let your weeks start at sunday or monday.

Custom legend items / status types
You can add custom legend items. Give your own names, colors and translations!

Show or hide the legend
For each calendar you can decide to show or hide the legend

Easy to show in a page or module position
Create modules or menu entries to show a calendar anywhere.

Front-end editing
Activate front-end editing if you want to edit the availability from the front-end (for editor and higher roles).

Create an unlimited number of calendars
There's no limit in the number of calendars you can create.

Translate in any language
You can translate your calendars in any language. Use any language available for Joomla!

Pre-installed languages
English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish are installed.

What clients say

"I highly recommend this extension, thank you for your great support and easy to use extension."
"After trying many calenders I cannot rate this extension highly enough."
"A clean and slick module with a straight forward component and really quick and intuitive front end editing."